Student Program

ELBE DOCK International Documentary Film Festival is the best festival of the best films in the best cities – Usti nad Labem and Dresden. This year, the student program focuses on the issue of MANIPULATION. We will manipulate films, videos, sound, and even the audiences themselves. Both in theory and in practice.


What will be happening?

From September 2 to 6, 2020, students will take part in a series of lectures, discussions, screenings and workshops in Usti nad Labem and in Dresden. So, we need you to come on Thursday morning, attend the program and festival screenings, tackle some feasible tasks, get on a bus to Dresden on Saturday, accompany us on a film-audiovisual-manipulation trip, experience the unimaginable in Dresden, and return on Sunday full of critical thinking about the world, about us, and about yourselves.


Why are we doing it?

We find it important to focus on film, audio-vision, videos, the world around us. And one can learn most through examples outside the framework of ordinary understanding. That's the way it is.


Who are we?

The event's organizer is nutprodukce company, we have made Burning Bush and Wasteland series, winning 12 Czech Lions altogether. We don't want to focus solely on academic lectures, but rather connect filmmakers, theoreticians, practitioners, and other related professions. We want to connect people who can do something with those who want to learn it.


What else are we planning?

Concerts of remarkable musicians with many gizmos, a trailer full of sound, videos, flashing lights, tours of the city full of visual smog, inspirational meetings outside documentary, and more.


What do we offer?

✓ accommodation in Usti and Dresden
✓ transport from Usti to Dresden and back (to Usti/Prague)
✓ accreditation and entry for events outside the program
the more formal students can also get a graphic confirmation about passing the program in the form of a certificate


In what language?

Most of it will be in the in English and Czech.


How much is it?

The price is CZK 399. (approx. EUR 15)



Who is a student in our terms?

A university student up to 26 years of age, a student without any age limitation, simply anybody who feels like enjoying a student program. The program is adapted to various levels of film knowledge.


I'm a teacher and I'd like to take my students, is it possible?

Yes, you are our target applicant. We'll be happy to welcome teachers with their pupils or students, and we will optimize the program for you.


I'm a student and I'm under 18, can I participate?

Yes, please contact






Terezie Vítková