Watch and Travel – Complete Programme

The stay is intended primarily for students and everyone who feels to be a student. Most important is that you want to explore new cultures, movies, friends and an international festival environment. The condition for participation in the Dresden part of the Festival is the attendance of selected films and workshops between Wednesday, 2 September, and Friday, 4 September, in Ústí nad Labem. Participants should see at least six films of their choice by Friday.


Mandatory part of the programme:


Wednesday 2 Sept 2:00PM, Ústí nad labem
Manipulating Story Through Editing with Jana Vlčková 

Each story has that many versions as many people have experienced it. At the editing master class, we will talk about how to work with a story narration in the editing room or whether it is possible to manipulate the depiction of the film protagonists.


Thursday 3 Sept 2:00PM, Ústí nad labem
Manipulating Music with Dalibor Kocián

In addition to his solo project Stroon, Slovak producer Dalibor Kocian also focuses on creating musical accompaniments for film and theatre. In his master class, he will introduce what the search for a suitable ‘sound’ to picture is about. He will talk about the role of improvisation in the creative process, the principles of arrangement and horizontal division, as well as what are the differences between theatre and film production and how to develop individual musical motifs


Thursday 3 Sept 6:00PM, Ústí nad labem
Manipulation in culture, or how festivals affect their surroundings with Krzysztof Sienkiewicz

Krzysztof Sienkiewicz from the Film Podlasie in Attack! festival will bring and present several Polish shorts. He will also talk about how a film festival can manipulate the whole region and make its inhabitants into filmmakers and fans.


Friday 4 Sept 10:00AM – 4:00PM, Ústí nad labem
Workshop – 2 options, but everyone shall choose one

A/ Editing Workshop – led by Tereza Koldová
Same shots arranged in different order can create several different stories. We will show how easy it is to manipulate fiction and documentary footage at an editing workshop with lecturer Tereza Vágnerová. We will unleash imagination and with the help of editing, we will try to create manipulated videos with completely new meanings and we will enter the dark waters of conspiracy. In the first part of the workshop participants will learn theoretical basics and in the second part the editing technique. Everyone should take with them their own manipulated video at the end.

B/ Fake news – led by Michal Kučerák
The workshop will be divided into two parts:
10:00AM - 12:30PM - FAKE YOU - FAKE ME
The Internet and especially social media are actively exploiting the phenomenon of popularity. The more likes, followers, tweets, posts, blogs, photos, the more people's credibility in virtual identity grows. But everything can be ‘fake‘. In the world of synthetic media, we find ourselves facing new challenges. The future is in our hands. But what does that mean? How do we imagine it? Where are its boundaries? In the workshop, we will focus on our future and its possible scenarios. We will think about what it means to live in a synthetic world and how to find our way in a reality in which it is no longer possible to believe our senses.
The Internet has changed the world of advertising. It has become even more omnipresent, but not only that. It is increasingly difficult for us to distinguish what is and what is not advertising. Services that were once chargeable (e.g. printed newspapers) are now available for free. Content creators are looking for various other ways to make money. We got used to what is free quite quickly. And that's exactly where the workshop begins, aiming to make us think about what it means to get something for free. What about an email, website, blog, vlog, photo album or more; are they really free? In the workshop, we will focus on the topic of advertising manipulation, seduction and cheating, personalization and creating a digital identity.


Thursday 3 Sept 8:00PM, Ústí nad Labem
Manipulation in Film Marketing with Josef Šlerka

Even the worst film can have the best marketing campaign. Josef Šlerka, an analyst and director of the Endowment Fund for Independent Journalism, will speak on the topic of manipulation in film marketing.



Optional part of the programme:


Sunday 6 Sept 12:00 noon, Dresden
Everyone has to start somewhere and the beginnings are often difficult and full of new situations. Come and listen to how the guests of our industry panel started in the film industry, let yourself be surprised by the lessons that surprised them in the beginning, and you may learn something yourself. In the second part of the panel, the experienced festival coordinator Brigid O’Shea will ponder on the future of film festivals.
Guests: Steffi Rostocki, Marek Novák, Brigid O’Shea, Anna Kaslová


Sunday 6 Sept 2:00PM, Dresden
Media Manipulation

Media manipulation as a topic has been present since the invention of the media itself. But the importance of this topic even grew since the internet took over and blurred the line between media and our private lives.
Guests: Josef Šlerka, Michal Kučerák, Alexander Repp