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Here’s the best of ELBEDOCK 2020 Off-screen program. Four interviews with four personalities all connected by the festival’s main theme manipulation. Film editor Jana Vlčková talks about her approach to film material, characters and very specific collaboration with prominent Czech directors. Media analyst Josef Šlerka was a host of various talks and debates concerning film marketing and media manipulation. Slovak musician Stroon performed live in front of the main festival venue in Ústí nad Labem and later on commented on his musical approach connecting electronic and classical music during a masterclass Manipulace s hudbou. Another festival’s guest was Krzysztof Sienkiewicz, creative director of polish film festival ZUBROFFKA. He hosted a masterclass Manipulation in culture, sharing organizational tips and strategies. We present our guest in the following interviews:


Jana Vlčková


Film editor Jana Vlčková, who was awarded the Czech Lion Award twice in recent past, describes why participating in the creative process since the very beginning matters and why she prefers long term collaboration with her colleagues. She also explains why it is dangerous to confuse film editing with manipulation.




Josef Šlerka


Josef Šlerka is head of the Endowment Fund for Independent Journalism and New Media department and well known media analyst. We asked him about the last documentary sensation Caught in the Net (V síti) and it’s marketing. His precise analysis of the film's manipulative marketing disproves the prevalent reading of the film's self-presentation.






Dalibor Kocián, known under his stage name STROON is Slovak musician and DJ. His musical production is known for using the vibraphone, a specific musical instrument, that he discovered during his conservatoire studies and played ever since. Besides his own musical production he often participates in audiovisual performances with artists such as VJ Kubriel, Boris Vitázek or DevKid and composes music for film and theatre.




Krzysztof Sienkiewicz


Besides organizing the short film festival ZUBROFFKA, Krzysztof Sienkiewicz also takes part in film distribution project Filmowe Podlasie Atakuje! (Film from Podlesie attacks!) that promotes Podlesie regional film culture all over Poland. In this interview he describes the strategies of cultural management in out-of-the-way areas.





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