FILM INN ONLINE ECHOES: Talks with international guests

ELBE DOCK ECHOES presented some of the best documentaries from festival's last year's competition. Online screenings were accompanied by the original interviews with international guests that commented and complemented each of the film topics.

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Magdo is a polish non-binary queer and feminist activist based in Berlin. She found some time to talk with us about living in Berlin, the fading difference between online and offline activism and the importance of LGBTQIA+ rights.





Michaela Guldanová


Michaela Guldanová experienced life in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon first-hand as a humanitarian aid worker. She also worked on the Serbo-Croatian border and on the Greek-Macedonian border during the migration of refugees to Europe from war zones to Europe in 2015. In the interview she describes the challenges and doubts she faces in her everyday job.





Maciej Ruczaj


Maciej Ruczaj moved to Prague when he was fifteen years old. Since then he has been observing the differences between Czechs and Poles, studied political science at Charles University and since 2016 he has been the director of Polish Cultural Institute in Prague. He talked to us about the polish cultural specifics and the propagation of polish culture overseas.





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