Central European Feature Documentary Debuts Nominated for the ELBE DOCK Award

For the first time this year, the ELBE DOCK International Festival will award a prize for the best Central European debut.

The ELBE DOCK Award with financial prize of €4,000 will be given to one of the eight nominated films by debuting directors.

Over the Limit (directed by Marta Prus, Poland, Germany, Finland) offers a peek behind the scenes of modern gymnastics. For her intimate portrait of a young Russian gymnast, the director has received awards at many international festivals (e.g. the Audience Award and the Best Film Award at the Cracow Film Festival and the Direction Award at ZagrebDox in Croatia).

The Last Self-Portrait (directed by Marek Kuboš, Slovakia) describes the inability to get rid of the writer’s block and the urgent need to return to the roots. The film won the Special Jury Award at the IFDF in Jihlava.

Home Games (directed by Alisa Kovalenko, Ukraine, Poland, France) portrays a girl’s hesitation between the care for her family and the opportunity to fulfil her dreams. Will the passion for football save a 20-year-old Kiev girl from poverty?

A Woman Captured (directed by Bernadett Tuza-Ritter, Hungary, Germany) reveals the raw truth about the victims of modern slavery. It has received positive reviews from the audiences at the Sundance Film Festival.

The other half of the nominated films is being screened in the Czech Republic for the first time. The following films will premiere at the ELBE DOCK:

Closing Time (directed by Nicole Vögele, Switzerland, Germany) uncovers colourful sceneries in a Taiwanese bistro and beyond its walls. The film won two awards at the Locarno International Festival.

Diagnosis (directed by Ewa Podgórska, Poland) is a journey into the depths of a city's subconscious mind created by people. It examines pleasutes and exhaustion from life in a city that never sleeps. Among others, the film won the Best Editing Award at the Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOker, Russia, 2019.

Are You Sleeping, Brother Jakob? (directed by Stefan Bohun, Austria) Four brothers travel to the past to the top of the Tyrolean Mountains in an effort to understand and cope with their fifth brother's suicide. A personal film has recently won the Audience Award at the Moscow International Documentary Film Festival and an award at the Trento FF.

Born in Evin (directed by Maryam Zaree, Austria, Germany) In the film, the director reveals the horrors of the past, which are not easy to forget. The film received an award at the Berlinale Festival and had its North American premiere at the Hot Docs Festival in Canada.