Online industry programme

length: 9 hours
guests: Ondřej Moravec, Mika Johnson, Lena Gieseke, Johanna Suß, Henning Adam, Ludger Brümmer, Martin Schumet, Mario Kunovský, Michal Kučerák
language: English
10:00 – 12:00
The introductory meeting with Ondřej Moravec, mentor of the programme.
13:00 – 14:00
Masterclass + Q&A
Mika Johnson: Connecting Art and Science through Immersive Storytelling
14:30 – 16:00
Masterclass + Q&A
Ondřej Moravec: Darkening – the Journey of the First Czech Animated Interactive VR Film
17:00 – 19:00
Consultation and discussion with Ondřej Moravec about the creative ideas of programme participants
The ELBE DOCK International Film Festival’s online industry programme aims at emerging film professionals and audio-visual students from the Czech Republic and Germany. It focuses on interdisciplinary connections, bringing closer people from the world of cinema and video art as well as digital technologies, intermedia and multimedia. All day long, registered participants can discuss subject matters of and ideas for their creative projects that go beyond the scope of traditional film or combine different narrative methods with modern technologies.
Ondřej Moravec is the mentor of the programme. Ondřej studied screenwriting at FAMU, Prague and journalism at Charles University, Prague. As a director and screenwriter, he is at home in the field of virtual reality and immersive experiences as well as in traditional cinema. Ondřej is also a programmer and prepares virtual reality programmes for festivals and other events. In his masterclass Darkening – the Journey of the First Czech Animated Interactive VR Film, which is part of the programme, he will discuss how to deal with depression in virtual reality and introduce his upcoming project Darkening as well as the process of how an interactive VR film is born.
Another festival guest, multimedia artist Mika Johnson, focuses mainly on creating experiences in virtual reality, but as a director of live-action and documentary films, he also uses other media, including installations based on sound. In his masterclass Connecting Art and Science through Immersive Narration, he will describe his four pieces of work that connect scientific findings with virtual reality, focusing on new ways of perceiving forms found in nature, along with ways we can interact with them. His projects are called Ilios, The Infinite Library, Lost Forms and Found Forms.
As part of the programme, the Spotlight section will offer short interviews with inspiring festivals and organizations from the field of audio-vision in the Czech Republic and Germany. These include Czech festivals Signal, a festival of digital and creative culture in Prague, and Uroboros, a festival of critical and socially engaged design, production companies Daisy with Rider Productions, Hertz-Lab Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Konrad Wolf Film University in Babelsberg and Lichter Film Fest Frankfurt International.
For registration go to: industry@elbedock.cz

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