How I Became a Partisan

Original title: Ako som sa stala partyzánkou
Director: Vera Lacková
Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia
Year: 2021
Running time: 90 min
Language: Slovak, Czech, German + English subtitles
“For you, Roma people are a homogenous group that acts as a single person,” claim the descendants of Roma partisans whose part in the battles of World War II Slovak society likes to forget. The consequences of the war conflict, still felt today, from a point of view nobody has cared about for a long time.
Vera Lacková
Vera Lacková is a Roma filmmaker and the owner of the production company Media Voice. In her original work, she fights against stereotypical perception and discrimination against minorities. In addition to her commercial endeavours, she has also taken part in the international documentary project Because There Is hope. She is one of the few established Roma filmmakers in the Czech media environment. In 2019, she participated in the IDFA Academy in Amsterdam. How I Became a Partisan is her documentary feature debut.


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