Housing Against Everyone

Original title: Bydlet proti všem
Director: Tomáš Hlaváček
Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia
Year: 2021
Running time: 93 min
Language: Czech + English subtitles
One toilet for one floor that accommodates 40 people. Mouldy walls, ripped up floors and many other pitfalls await anyone who finds themselves trapped in emergency housing. Could this vicious circle be broken? Brno’s young councillors believe it could.
Tomáš Hlaváček
Tomáš Hlaváček (*1988, Brno) is an independent documentary filmmaker. He focuses on critical depiction of contemporary socio-political and socio-cultural issues. He studied philosophy and media studies at Masaryk University in Brno. Currently, he studies documentary filmmaking at FAMU in Prague. In his films, he often delves into the environment of ethnic minorities and social subcultures, using the method of engaged observation. With his film Housing Against Everyone, he won the Special Jury Mention at the 2021 One World Festival.


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