ELBE DOCK Award Films – Programme 3

In the Inner Circle (2021, dir. Julia Reiter)
A young horse trainer tries to win the favour of a new arrival who has not yet developed trust in her due to its young age. At the same time, the owner of the stable assigns her the task of training a new colleague. Just like an animal, it is not easy for a human being to find her way in an unfamiliar situation, and the main protagonist seems to suddenly enter a vicious circle of her own uncertainties and limitations. A story about competition, communication problems and the fear of being replaced.
Can You Still Feel the Butterflies? (2021, dir. Radek Brousil, Kryštof Hlůže)
A mysterious half-dead Fish ceases to see any meaning in its existence. But the resolve to end its own life begins to be undermined by the Inner Voice. The pair talk with each other through verses and quotes from American bands from the turn of the millennium, and the audience feel not just the weight of the awareness that the world around us is changing in a breakneck pace but also a silent awe of the forces of nature, which will always prevail in the end, with us or without us. Let us search for hope in compassion.
Rheum (2021, dir. Kateřina Hroníková)
An elderly couple, Libuše and Jaromír, live in a big house in the middle of nowhere. In their retirement, Jaromír’s only hobby is taking care of his garden gnomes, while Libuše prides herself on keeping their home spotless at all times. However, everyday routine and the lack of outside stimuli lead to the feeling of mutual estrangement. In an attempt to help, Arnošt, a family friend, buys a three-month bonding programme for them from the mysterious Sun Agency. Will the couple rekindle their closeness through various homework assignments?
Thing (2021, dir. Malte Stein)
A hot summer day. The sun shines and the buildings cast sharp shadows. Among people walking their pets, a stranger comes out into the hot concrete jungle. His leisurely stroll is suddenly interrupted by the sound of tiny footsteps. He is being observed. A seemingly harmless creature looks on from afar, staring at him with its shy, large eyes. What is this about? What seems at first to be the embodiment of cuteness gradually turns into a haunting nightmare.
Wishaway (2021, dir. Klara von Veegh)
A violent incident forces a young mother to flee with her three-year-old son. They share some pleasant moments, but nonetheless, she has to face her son’s suspicions that the world he has known so far will never be the same again. She tries to make the arduous journey to freedom more fun for him with the help of various spells and incantations. At the same time, she must accept responsibility for her own actions and admit to herself that not everything can be solved with the wave of a magic wand.

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