Pavel Koutecký Award for Short Film

JANG (2022, dir. Josef Švejda)
I walk the path others do not. Normal people travel in train compartments, not on freight trains. I don’t study, I don’t pay taxes – so what? Does it make me less human? I’m exploring the world. I know I won’t live this way forever.
Love, Dad (2021, dir. Diana Cam Van Nguyen)
Is it possible to heal the wounds of childhood? Is it possible to forgive your parents? A young filmmaker writes a cinematic letter to her difficult father, exploring the vulnerability of a human soul in a visually captivating way.
The Land of the Raven from the Ark (2021, dir. Květa Chaloupková)
Black as death. A poetic travelling companion for some, a raven peeks in the windows or poops on the graves of others. Ravens are the essential part of a small cemetery that binds together fragments of the lives of the bereaved.
Amplified Silence (2021, dir. Marek Mrkvička)
A portrait of the artist Petr Válek that highlights the beauty of noise through his electrified constructions as well as everyday objects. The amplified sensitivity to various sounds inevitably leads to an intense experience of silence, of which noise is an integral part.
Testing Sirens (2021, dir. Hana Slaninová)
To get lost in a crowd, to cry out together with the siren, to blend in. In her short documentary, the director finds a way to allow her mother to let off some steam. When to do so if not on the first Wednesday of the month when almost everything can be dissolved into the sound of sirens?


Thursday 12. 5. 2022 21:30
Running time: 96 min.


125 Kč