The Land of the Raven from the Ark

Original title: Země havrana z archy
Director: Květa Chaloupková
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2021
Running time: 21 min
Language: Czech + English subtitles
Black as death. A poetic travelling companion for some, a raven peeks in the windows or poops on the graves of others. Ravens are the essential part of a small cemetery that binds together fragments of the lives of the bereaved.
Květa Chaloupková
Květa Chaloupková (*1987) is a film and radio documentarist and FAMU graduate. She enjoys filming on film stock and finds inspiration in nature, nonsense poetry and paradoxes. She is also interested in the link between film and science. Her student films have been screened at Czech and international festivals. She is currently working on her feature debut. She is also a lecturer and works with FreeCinema and My Street Films.


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