Original title: Sestry
Director: Andrea Szelesová
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2021
Running time: 11 min
Language: No dialogue
An animated story about the uniqueness and pitfalls of the sibling bond. The elder sister lives a miserable existence, stuck in the middle of the desert, unable to care for herself. Only her head and hands stick out from the ubiquitous sand. With no hope of freeing the girl from her sandy captivity, it becomes an unfair lot of the younger sister to care for her. To what extent can you break free from the universally acknowledged obligation to be always of assistance to your sister or brother?
Andrea Szelesová
Andrea Szelesová studied at VOŠ Václava Hollara, where she created the movie Malady. She continued studying at FAMU, with more films such as anidoc 19 20 18, or the stop-motion Afternoon Tea, that played at festivals Anifilm or OIAF 2020. She worked on the movie My Sunny Maad (dir. Michaela Pavlátová) and created jingles for Anifilm and Anilogue.


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