Original title: Night
Director: Ahmad Saleh
Country: Germany, Palestine, Qatar
Year: 2021
Running time: 16 min
Language: Arabic + English subtitles
Tired eyes find no rest in the dust of war. But no conflict in the world can prevent the night from coming. The night is like a girl whose face is the moon and whose dress is made of darkness. The night is peaceful and soothing, brings calm and sleep to the city ravaged by the war. All eyelids close under her influence, except the watchful eyes of a mother desperately searching for her lost child. The night has no choice but to trick the woman into letting peace take over her soul as well.
Ahmad Saleh
Ahmad Saleh is an academy award winner, writer, director and art director, with a unique voice in storytelling. Inspired by the stories he witnessed while studying his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering in the Westbank, Ahmad wrote a short stories collection which eventually was one of the winners of the Young Writers Award in Palestine. Winning that award encouraged him to quit his Engineering career to pursue a career in writing, film directing and live storytelling on stage.


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