Original title: JANG
Director: Josef Švejda
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2022
Running time: 28 min
Language: Czech + English subtitles
I walk the path others do not. Normal people travel in train compartments, not on freight trains. I don’t study, I don’t pay taxes – so what? Does it make me less human? I’m exploring the world. I know I won’t live this way forever.
Josef Švejda
Josef Švejda (*1990) is a documentary filmmaker. While studying journalism and media at Charles University, Prague, he founded a magazine about urban underground culture, was involved in student cultural activities and published articles in several magazines. After graduating from university, he decided to pursue a career as a documentary filmmaker and was accepted to FAMU, Prague. He works as a communication specialist and creator of audio-visual works. JANG is his short film debut.


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