In Shallow Water

Original title: V plytkej vode
Director: Marek Moučka
Country: Slovakia
Year: 2021
Running time: 11 min
Language: Slovak + English subtitles
There are specialised ponds for breeding Christmas carp. In Perín, Slovakia, this is done by convicted prisoners. Even though the fate of the fish is sealed in advance by the observance of Christmas traditions, the convicts make sure that the conditions here are suitable. They take good care of the water and protect the carp from harm caused by hungry cormorants. A closer look at the breeding process reveals that the life of the carp can be in many ways similar to what people experience whilst serving their sentence.
Marek Moučka
Marek Moučka is a student of Documentary filmmaking at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. His work constists of wide spectrum of art, not just a film. He works with analogue technologies in photographic exhibitions or theater performances. He has participated as the dramaturgist on several short films and theater performances. His films and work are linked through the fascination of human, his diversity and social differences.


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