after a room

Original title: after a room
Director: Naomi Pacifique
Country: Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland
Year: 2021
Running time: 21 min
Language: English, French, Spanish + English subtitles
In the film of Swiss director Naomi Pacifique, who also cast herself as the lead, we peer into a room that is the messy but cosy universe of a couple whose nights spent together are seemingly endless. The couple walks around the flat unembarrassed by their nakedness, yet we feel that Naomi is struggling with something on the inside. Her sudden brooding is juxtaposed with the carefree playfulness of her pre-school age, depicted in the film in the form of old home-videos. Will Naomi succeed in getting in touch with her former natural self?
Naomi Pacifique
Naomi Pacifique is a Swiss-Dutch multi-disciplinary artist. She graduated from Oxford University with an Mst in Creative Writing and from London Film School with an MA in Filmmaking. Her graduation film, after a room premiered at the 74th edition of Locarno International Film Festival, in the Pardi di Domani section. The last short film she produced and assistant directed, Filipiñana, was awarded the Silver Bear Shorts Jury Prize at the 70th Berlinale.


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