Welcome to Czechia

A series of short films called Welcome to Czechia reflects the best and the worst in all of us. Three promising directors explore Czech small-mindedness from different points of view. Unspoken feelings of anxiety, the fear of losing personal comfort, the avoidance of problems, but also the search for values, support and empathy. The three films are thus united not just by a wide range of emotions but above by their decisions. The decisions of how to deal with sudden events in our lives.
Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon (2020, dir. Adam Martinec)
Temperatures are rising and crowds of people jostle on the shores of pools on every day basis just like animals at a desert puddle. Blaring summer hits drown out the announcement about two missing boys. We can witness the tragedy, or we can lie down in the shadows, feeling that it has nothing to do with us. Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon explores the level of selfishness and the human inability to look beyond one’s comfort zone.
Opponent (2020, dir. Ondřej Erban)
Until recently, Petr was a celebrated, highly-paid football player, a member of the national team, the captain of the most famous team in the country. But those days are gone. Now, Petr tries to restart his career in a small regional team and sort out his life at the same time. However, it’s him who is his biggest rival, not the opposing team on the field.
Frontier (2020, dir. Damián Vondrášek)
Frontier opens up the question of professional and human values. When a group of illegal migrants tries to cross the border, the differing opinions of customs officials rise to the surface. Who is ‘one of us’, who is ‘one of them’, who is good and who is evil? Everyone has to follow the rules and everyone searches for the limits of their own decision.

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